Wholesale Commodity



General wholesale terms


Product Wholesale Price

ü   Generally speaking, the wholesale price of goods will be sold at 5% off the retail price. Individual products will depend on the situation. Since SOYA's wholesale sales are operated separately from the platform, the wholesale price will not be adjusted according to the promotion price of individual products on the platform. We also do not rule out that the SOYA platform or other platforms provide more affordable prices. Since our wholesale price is open to the trading buyer is optional.


Agency Product Repurchase Price

ü   We unconditionally repurchase the HAWA products we represent at 94%, and other individual products will depend on the situation.


Payment Terms

ü   SOYA wholesale orders support Pay pal, transfer, TT, check, cash, banking tools: such as a letter of credit and other payment system and payment terms. All payments will be charged business service fees.


Logistics Delivery

ü   SOYA accepts international orders and ships them to more than 160 countries around the world, and the logistics cost of the order will be determined according to the situation.


Delivery Time

ü   SOYA's warehouse is in Hong Kong.

ü   Orders will be shipped within 6 working days after payment is completed.

ü   The delivery time and cost of the product will depend on the attributes of the product and the receiving area.

ü   Delivery time is about 8 to 14 days (depending on the customs clearance of individual regions).

ü   In remote areas, it takes a few more working days.


Commodity Disclaimer

ü   SOYA will not be responsible for all losses caused by logistics delivery.


Commodity Return Policy

ü   Once all products are sold, SOYA will not accept any returns, SOYA reserves the right to refuse orders for refunds.


Delivery Error / Product Damage

ü   If the buyer finds that the product has been delivered incorrectly/missed, please notify the relevant person in charge of the SOYA platform within 7 days of receiving the product. According to the actual situation, SOYA accepts a refund of the credit to the client account or resend the commodity is allow. But if the buyer is unable to receive the commodity due to personal reasons (such as travelling)SOYA will not bear any responsibility. And if this causes the commodity to be returned to the SOYA warehouse, the relevant logistics costs shall be borne by the buyer. And the buyer must ensure that the commodity is intact, otherwise, the buyer should compensate for the corresponding losses.



ü   SOYA generally does not accept product pre-orders. For orders that are additionally processed and confirmed to accept pre-orders, the buyer must be paid 30% of the total order amount as a deposit first. The Buyer pays the balance when the commodity delivered to the warehouse. All confirmed pre-orders will not accept cancellation for any reason. If the buyer cancels the order, the 30% deposit paid will not be refunded.


Other Disclaimers

ü   If the following situations occur, SOYA will not be responsible for any loss of the buyer. Any unrestricted strike, regional blockade, labour action, riot, riot, terrorist attack (threat), war (whether war is declared or not), threat of war, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, collapse, epidemic (and all other natural Disasters), public or private telecommunications networks are damaged and the buyer suffers losses, SOYA will not bear any responsibility.

ü   Once the above-listed situation occurs, SOYA will immediately inform the buyer of the corresponding situation. Suspend related commercial activities and deliveries, and the delivery period will be automatically extended. SOYA will reschedule the delivery date of the commodity according to the actual situation.


Order Rejection Right

ü   SOYA reserves the right of final interpretation of this commodity wholesale contract regulation and has the right to refuse related (extra) services and (extra) responsibilities.


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