Transport Shipping

Order Transaport

ü  Detailed information of the order (order number and order date)

ü  Detailed product information (price and payment terms)

ü  Order shipping details (shipping number and shipping date)

ü  Receipt information (receipt amount and reference number)


Shipping cost

ü  Orders over HKD 100,000.00 and less than 2.7 kg* FREE

ü  Orders less than HKD 100,000.00 and less than 2.7 kg* HKD 30 each kg.


Processing time

ü  2-3 working days


Delivery time

ü  4-7 working days


Available countries

ü  Hong Kong, China's, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.,
More than 160 countries in the world


Tracking number

ü  Provide


Receipt verification signature

ü  Need

ü  We do not accept PO Boxes, APO, FPO, BFPO or other military addresses as delivery addresses. If it is lost or stolen, we will not arrange a refund or reshipment.

ü  Each order of [Cash on Delivery] requires a services fee of US$19,540 which is not refundable.

ü  The express company is restricted, and each order cannot exceed 2.7 kg.



When we receive an order that is returned to us due to incorrect address, delivery failure, or rejection (such as tax issues), we will contact the customer to confirm the reason for delivery failure or rejection. According to different circumstances, we will refund the credit to client account.


Orders that cannot be delivered or are returned will be charged 25% of the total amount of the goods as a processing fee for unsuccessful delivery. The fees will be deducted before the refund. If the customs does not return the mail, SOYA will not be able to issue a refundable credit to the client account.

Lost in the post

When your order has been shipped, our computer system will automatically send you an "Order Has Been Shipped" email with the postal tracking number. You can also find relevant information in the "Order History" commodity in "My Mail". Just enter the webpage of the courier company or Hongkong Post and enter the relevant number to track the progress of the commodity delivery.


If the delivery is lost commodity, we will not refund the full payment to the original payment to the client account.


The following are very rare cases. If you have not received the order within two weeks after the estimated delivery time (which will be listed in the shipping notice), it may be because the postman forgot to leave a note to remind you to sign for the post office. So you should use the tracking number to check with the nearest postal centre as soon as possible. If there is still no sign of shipment, please contact us to inform us of your order number and tracking number. We will make an enquiry with Hong Kong Post for you, and it will take about 30 working days. If the delivery is lost, we will not refund the full payment to the original payment to the client account. But the client can exchange other commodity same value with that.


If the official website of the delivery service company shows that the goods have been delivered, we will not be able to arrange a refund for you. In case of any dispute, we will reserve the final decision on all compensation issues.


Important note: Please submit your cargo enquiry within 60 days after placing the order. We will try to investigate the inquiries received, but in most cases, the courier company will not be able to provide sufficient information for follow-up. In this case. We will terminate the investigation and will not arrange a refund.


Purchase procedure

ü  If you want to purchase products, please register and fill in the "Member Form" and activate your member account before checkout.

ü  How long does it take to complete the order procedures?

ü  Once the order is successfully completed, a notification to confirm the order will be sent directly to your email address/WhatsApp/WeChat.


Content includes:

Detailed information of the order (order number and order date).

Detailed product information (price and payment terms).

Order shipping details (shipping number and shipping date).

Receipt information (receipt amount and reference number)


If you have not received the confirmation email or made an error in the final step of the checkout, it is recommended that you check your order record in "My Commodity" before placing an order again to avoid repeated orders. If you have any questions about placing an order repeatedly or about the status of the order, please feel free to contact us through the broker on the Contact Us page.


Why does my order show pending orders?

Most payment procedures are processed immediately. Once the order is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping details. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours, please notify us through the broker on the contact us page to avoid and prevent repeated orders.


Can I modify/cancel the order after confirming the order?

In order to ensure that customers receive the ordered products as soon as possible, all orders are processed immediately. You can send a cancellation request to the broker on the contact us page, and we will try to cancel your order. But in most cases, the order may have already been packaged and shipped. Because we need to process a large number of orders every day, we have not been able to independently cancel the order for each customer, because this will cause the delay of all other orders.


Please carefully check the products you choose before completing the order. We will only be shipping the payment receipt information is displayed in the order confirmation, unless the product is out of stock.


For orders that have been packaged and shipped, we will not accept cancellation or modification of orders.


I have a coupon

Unless otherwise stated, discount codes are not applicable to promotional products / final products / premium products / package products / discount packages. Some coupon codes may also have a minimum purchase amount threshold.


What can I do when the product of my order is out of stock?

Log in to your account (if you don't have an account yet, please register a new account first), then go to the remark's column of the product "Order Form" and click to enter "Please notify me when replenishment". Once the quantity of the product is refilled, we will send an email to notify you.


Can I buy in the store?

Currently, we only accept online orders. If you have any questions when ordering products online, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately through the broker on the contact us page. All pre-ordered products will take about ten to twenty days.


Order tracking

Each order list is shipped with a tracking number. You can find the relevant information in the "Order History" and "Order Shipped" emails in "My Mail", allowing you to track the mail delivery on the express company platform to Progress.


Order tracking


Order number:

Email address:

Contract number:


Search-Enter the order number to view the order processing status.