Payment Terms

Payment Terms

ü   Use USD/EUR/HKD/GBP/CHF/RMB as the checkout currency

ü   Bank Cheque payable to SOYA International Limited

ü   Bank transfer to Hong Kong HSBC bank account

ü   Cash, no service fees

ü   PayPal, the service fees is paid by yourself.

ü   LC letter of credit or other banking instrument

ü   Visa and MasterCard credit cards, UnionPay cards 

ü   Note: For each [Cash on Delivery] order, each applicant needs to charge a handling fee of USD $19,540, and the accounts receivable are not refundable. The account can be deducted after the product arrives.


²  All payment procedures in the SOYA platform are processed by international and reputable payment institutions, such as PayPal, Pay Dollar, and HSBC online payment system Global Payments' payment system.

²  SOYA will not save your credit card information on other servers.

²  SOYA reserves the right to review and verify the reliability of all payments with your chosen payment agency, and can terminate the processing of unauthorised, suspected, fraudulent or illegal payments at any time.


Price error

³  If the price of funds is incorrectly displayed due to system or human error, SOYA reserves the right to withdraw the approved funds without prior notice. In the event of the above, you will receive an email notification that the funds have been withdrawn.

³  Note on international transaction fees: Since our company is located in Hong Kong, credit cards issued overseas may incur international transaction charge fees during the payment process by the third payment system.

³  You can call your credit card issuer before purchasing to check whether your credit card will be charged.

³  Once an order is placed, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms.


Price guarantee Protection

Our product prices are highly competitive, and we provide various promotions and offers from time to time, so we do not provide price guarantees when you buy products. If you find that the product price has changed after purchase, we will not be able to make any adjustments to it.


Can we order products over the phone or apply in-store?

Currently, we only accept online orders. If you have any questions when ordering products, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately through the contact our page broker.


Online security

à  SOYA uses the current internationally advanced and industry-recognised Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption key technology to protect your data and transactions.

à  When some of our web pages are equipped with confidentiality function, their display is different from ordinary web pages. You can easily identify this, including the URL bar will be converted to "https://" (webpages without encryption protection are generally "http://”) and a locked pattern (this applies to the latest browser version, such as Internet Explorer 7.0 or above), and other older browsers also display a locked pattern in the status bar below for identification.

à  All important personal information protected by the encryption key SSL in SOYA can be transmitted to ensure that the third party cannot read and decrypt it correctly. This method of processing is more secure and confidential than when you pay with a credit card after a meal, or provide credit card information or personal information when you order by phone or mail.

à  SOYA uses VeriSign, the world's authoritative digital certification service provider, to give you the most appropriate encryption protection for your important personal data.