Refund arrangements


n  All returned products must be in full unboxed status. For more information, please read the Return Refunds section to receive details.

n  In general, refunds may be returned to the original payment method and account within about four weeks from the date of processing.

n  Select an order as "cash on delivery", and the refund will be a cash voucher, not cash...
(SOYA will issue you a voucher and number equivalent to the return amount used as a credit for the following property).

n  In any case, the handling fee for delivery of goods to payment is not refundable.

n  If the order to the address you provide is incorrect and not refundable, prelease the "Cannot deliver" section for details.

n  If your order is lost, please contact us within 60 days for follow-up. Please refer to the "Lost by Post" section for details.


 SOYA reserves the right to make a final decision on the arrangements for the refund in n the event of any dispute. 

Return goods/products 

SOYA provides you with high-quality products and after-sales service. It also provides a "30-day refund shopping guarantee" for each product. For any reason, you can return the product in full within 30 days after SOYA is delivered, and SOYA will refund the full amount.


The effective processing period for the refund of returns is within 30 days from the date of receipt of each product (calculated based on the shipping date in the "Order has been shipped" email). Please contact us through the agent on the contact us page before returning the product, Check the return procedures, and then send it back together with the product to be returned and the delivery slip for the record.


The returned product must be in a complete and unopened state. SOYA reserves the right to reject the return of the goods in the following state.

²  Products that have been opened or damaged.

²  Any discounts, special offers, promotional products, packages, final clearance products and clearance products.

²  Indicate the products that are not acceptable for return on the product description page.

²  The product was sent over 30 days.

²  The refund will be arranged back to the original payment method and account.

Note: The customer is responsible for all shipping costs for returning the product.


Replacement goods

Sorry, we do not currently provide the service of product exchange, but you can choose to return the purchased product. (Please refer to Returning Products) Please first obtain the return order number through the broker on the contact us page, and then send it back together with the product to be returned and the delivery slip.

Note: We will not bear all the shipping costs for customers to return the products.


Damaged goods

If you find that the product is infiltrated or damaged, please keep the delivery box and related packaging, and provide us with the following information, we will follow up and deal with it as soon as possible:

²  The appearance picture of the delivery carton (you must see if the outer carton is damaged)

²  Picture of the inner box of the delivery carton (must see bubble gum or inflatable packaging to protect the product)

²  Images of products with penetration or damage

²  Product QR code


Misdelivered product

All product packaging will be checked again by the packaging staff before shipment. If the product is delivered by mistake, please send it back together with the product to be returned (unopened) and the delivery slip. We will re-ship it as soon as possible. Products for you.


Before returning the product by mistake, please send us your order number through the broker on the contact us page, and request the return order number to complete the entire process.