Refining Service

Refining Service

High pressure dies casting (HPDC) abbreviated as pressure casting in the concave casting machine. The injection piston uses high pressure and speed to inject the metal in the pressure chamber into the mould cavity hydraulically. Under the action of pressure, the liquid metal solidified into a casting quickly.

It is suitable for producing small, thin-walled complex castings and can make the casting surface get clear patterns, patterns and characters. They are used for the production of zinc, aluminium, magnesium, copper and its alloys mainly. Place the plunger on the push stick, push the stick and the mandrel in a cross discharging fixed clamping plate and moving die ejector, press backwards after modular Mold, then poured the liquid metal into the pressure plug, a target made by pouring liquid metal into a mould before opening it and pushed pressure casting out.

Pressure dies casting: It uses high pressure to press molten metal into a precision metal mould cavity at high speed using high pressure to press the metal liquid into a precision metal mould cavity at high speed; the metal liquid is cooled and solidified under pressure to form a casting. Liquid metals are also highly reactive and beneficial for chemical engineers. Gallium-indium-tin alloy liquid phenomena have negligible vapour pressure, so they do not evaporate and cannot inhale. Furthermore, they have the most prominent surface tensions of any liquid at room temperature, making them bead up into spheres. It uses high pressure to press molten metal into a precision metal mould cavity at high speed, and the molten metal is cooled and solidified under pressure to form a casting. To use liquid metal in flexible electronic devices, researchers must control the fluid's shape and movement. 


1. During the high pressure die casting, the metal liquid is under high pressure, and the flow rate is fast

2. Good product quality, stable size and good interchangeability;

3. The production efficiency is high; the related Positive Mold would be reuse fully utilized.

4. It is suitable for mass production and has good economic benefits.


1. high pressure die casting are prone to tiny pores and shrinkage.

2. The plasticity of the die-casting parts is low, so it is not suitable to work under impact load and vibration;

3. When a high melting point alloy is die-casting, the mould life is low, which affects the expansion of die-casting production.


high pressure die casting were first used in the automotive industry and instrumentation industry and then gradually expanded to various industries, such as agricultural machinery, machine tool industry, electronics industry, defense industry, computer, medical equipment, clocks, cameras and daily hardware...

For precious metals: platinum, palladium, gold, silver, copper, steel, gold powder, gold sand, and other high melting point metals.

The single metal quantity is 25KG, and the single time is 60 minutes. 

The temperature can reach 2000 degrees. 

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