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How do I earn a lease return by holding an "HWB"?

1. The "holder" of the "HWB Convex Model" simply receives the Borrower's deposit and agrees to lend the HWB Concave Mold Certificate of Title (HWC), full name HAWA CERFITICATE, to the Borrower, which is then pledged to HAWA by the Borrower. 2. After HAWA has obtained the pledge of the HWB Concave Mold Title Certificate (HWC), HAWA apply to the issueing bank for the borrower. The background asset of this issue is the HWB Convex Mold that HAWA mortgaged to the issuer. 3. The background asset of the issue is the HWB Concave Mold of a bank where the HAWA deposit, which is later paid to the issuer, and finally the HWB Concave Mold as collateral for counter-guarantee becomes the "background asset" blocked in the issuer. 4. Is the HWB Concave Mold the seller? Only the lessor, not the seller, who leases the HWB Concave Mold title certificate. 5. The holder of this HWB Concave Mold simply leased the HWB Concave Mold certificate of title to the borrower and did not sell it!

6. As a lessor, of course, you have the right to share the rent.

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